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Founded in 2013 in Allahabad by a married couple Arti Mishra and S.S. Mishra. Arti Being a fashion designer and ShrutiSagar being a software engineer by profession conceptualised this venture to help out the future generation of fashion designer by introducing them early with industry.

BoutiquesOnCart is India's first online platform dedicated for Fashion designers instead of customers.The website provides platform for fashion designer at all level to share thier Fashion tips/Articles or Designs.Designers are able to share the Seasonal tips, dress reviews share blog post and most of all their Product and get paid.

Based in Allahabad Boutiquesoncart.com partners with designer at all level whther a fashion designer student currently in college or Fashion house already establiished and booming in market. We have services for all.

Fashion designers or students can share their blog post and fashion tips to showcase thier talent and expertise and get noticed and market themselves. Where established fashion designers, Boutiques and Fashion Houses can share thier expertise and publish their product in our marketplace.

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