Terms for Boutiques

Payment Shipping and Delivery Policy

Payment to the Sellers: All the vendor orders which are marked as 'Complete' are eligible for payment processing. All such orders will be processed once in a month(2nd last day of every month).

Rules for Dispatch: The seller is required to mark their respective order as 'Ready to Ship' [5] days from the date the Order is marked as 'Pending' or within such timelines as may be agreed upon between the buyer and seller through the Website to ensure that the items are Delivered within timely manner.

In Case the seller is not using BOC provided shipping methods

1. Sellers must use reputed postal/ courier service provider with good track record which provide tracking facility for shipped items.
2. Sellers shall Dispatch the items using only a delivery channel which provides appropriate ‘proof of dispatch’ & ‘proof of delivery’ documentation. Such proof of dispatch and proof of delivery documentation (PODs) relating to
the Dispatch and Delivery should be maintained by you for period of [9] months from the date of the Dispatch.
3. The PODs should be furnished to the Company on demand within the time-frame as notified from time to time.
4. Sellers agree that the Dispatch Details shall be true, correct and duly authorized and shall not be misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorized or otherwise illegal and shall not contain any misrepresentation of facts.
Sellers shall send an invoice addressed to the Buyer for the Transaction Price together with the item at the time of Dispatch.

If the Seller fails to provide the Dispatch Details as prescribed below, in addition to the cancellation of the transaction, such failure may lead to suspension and/or termination of Seller’s BOC Registration and/or any consequent actions as specified in the User Agreement.

Dispatch Details: The Seller shall provide the Dispatch Details on the Website within [7] days from the Delivery or within such timelines as may be agreed upon between the buyer and seller on the Website. If the Seller fails to enter the Dispatch Details in the Website within such prescribed time, the Company may in its sole discretion cancel the Transaction and refund the Transaction Price (if paid) to the Buyer.

In case of Transactions wherein the buyer has opted for Payment on Delivery payment method or the seller has availed of the 'courier' services under BOC Logistics, the Logistics Partner would collect the item to be shipped from the Seller and the Company would be responsible for providing the Dispatch Details on the Website.

If the seller has opted for the 'courier' services under BOC Logistics the seller will be bound by the terms of the Policy for BOC Logistics (incorporated herein by reference) and the Logistics Partner and/or the Company shall be responsible for abiding by the terms and obligations of this provision including but limited to providing the Dispatch Details.

Delivery: The time within which the seller or the Company (if the seller is availing BOC Logistics services) is required to ensure Delivery of the items to the Buyer shall be calculated from the time the Seller enters the Dispatch Details on the Website i.e. within 10 days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery within India and within 21 days from entering the Dispatch Details for delivery outside India or such other timeline as may have been agreed upon between the Buyer and Seller on the Website.

In case of Payment on Delivery Transactions, the Logistics Partner will Deliver the items and collect the Transaction Price and other charges (if any) within the stipulated time. It is the sole responsibility of the seller to ensure that the goods shipped are received by the buyer are in good condition and not damaged for any reason whatsoever, irrespective of whether the delivery is made by the Logistics Partner or seller has availed the services of BOC Logistics.

Suspension and Termination of BOC Registration

In case of any breach or violation or suspected breach or violation of any of the provisions of this policy or the User Agreement, the Firm may suspend and/or terminate the BOC Seller Registration or may put the remittances on hold with respect to such Seller. The Firm may reinstate or activate seller’s Registration or remit the Transaction Price to seller subject to the Seller providing such information, data, documents and undergoing such verification as may be desired by the FIrm and as provided in the User Agreement or the rules and polices made there under. Seller’s BOC Seller Registration is subject to the seller remaining an active User of the Website. Upon identifying or being notified by any person or by law enforcement agency that Seller has violated any law in the performance of the Transaction, the Firm may immediately suspend seller’s BOC Seller Registration, notify law enforcement or any other authority including banks for appropriate action or act in any other way to cooperate with authorities or protect its interests.

Terms of Use

You shall be responsible for providing information relating to the items offered to be sold by you on the Website. You undertake that all such information at all times shall be accurate and complete in all respects.You shall not exaggerate or over emphasize the attributes of any items you propose to sell on the Website so as to mislead other Users in any manner. If the item description does not match the actual condition of the item, you agree to refund any amounts that you may have received from the buyer. You agree not to use misleading titles for listing and not provide misleading or inadequate information about the location of any listed item. If for any reason you are unable to deliver to any specific location, destination or country, you must clearly mention the same on the listing. You shall not use unrelated keywords, or brand names (even if such use does not lead to any intellectual property right violation), or text unrelated to the item on offer for sale in your listing.

Applicable charges for Boutiques

The Firm shall levy charges/ fees from time to time (for providing facilities to sell on the Website) to the Sellers in accordance with the Facility Charges Policy incorporated herein by reference. The Firm will provide the Seller with an invoice reflecting the facility charges on a monthly basis. If the seller avails of any of the services provided under BOC Logistics by the Company, the seller will be liable to pay additional fees, charges in respect of the services availed as set out in the Facility Charges Policy. The Firm reserves the right to change the Facility Charge Policy and the related rules and policies from time to time. The Firm may introduce new services and modify some or all of the existing services offered on the Website and/or under BOC Logistics. Any such changes shall be effective from the time that the Firm posts the same on the Website. The Seller will be responsible for paying all charges associated with the use of the Website and/or BOC Logistics and agrees to bear any and all applicable taxes, charges, cesses, surcharges etc. levied thereon. The seller shall pay the remit the appropriate charges to the Firm or the Firm will deduct such charges from the Transaction Price to be remitted to the seller. The Firm shall issue the invoice after such deduction and remittance. Unless otherwise provided, the charges are payable by the Seller irrespective of any charge back, refund or non-fulfilment of the Transaction. The Firm reserves the right to set minimum and maximum transaction limits on the Website as it may determine for the safety of its Users.

Vendor Registration At BOC(BoutiquesOnCart.com)

User who wishes to sell items on the Website shall register with the BOC Facility by providing the requisite information/ data on the BOC Seller Registration page including details of the seller’s Valid Bank Account (BOC Seller Registration). The sellers shall provide true, correct and duly authorized data/ information and shall not be misleading, fraudulent, false, unauthorized and otherwise illegal. The Firm has the right to suspend/ terminate the BOC Seller Registration and the use of the Website by the seller if the Firm discovers or it is brought to the Firm's notice that the aforesaid data is misleading or does not comply with the User Agreement and the rules and polices made there under and in such case the seller shall also be liable for all the liabilities, risks, damages and consequences that may arise. Invoicing, Shipping & Product Liabilities: Please note that we are a marketplace platform similar to Ebay and provide marketplace services to you. We help Buyers and Sellers connect whereby as Sellers you are selling to customers via our platform and we are charging commission for services associated with it. Therefore invoicing and shipping to customer is your responsibility. Also any taxation related to sale of your products like VAT, CST etc is your responsibility. Also liabilities arising from the use, consumption and/or interaction with your products is solely yours and Boutiquesoncart.com will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to your products.

Commission Policy

We charge 15% Commission + Applicable Service Tax. The commission is calculated on the sale price of the product of the Seller. Any direct or indirect discounts given by the Company will not be considered in the sale price. Shipping, packaging and handling is managed by Seller. For Cash on Delivery, BOC appointed Logistics service provider will be used.

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